A months-long investigation found tens of millions of counterfeit and second-hand disposable gloves were shipped to the United States on Oct. 25.

Authorities have launched criminal investigations into how contaminated supplies found their way into America.

Investigators are examining allegations the supplies were washed and recycled. Some gloves allegedly had bloodstains while others were marked with dates from two years prior according to CNN.

In February and March 2021, an American company complained about receiving recycled dirty gloves from Thailand. This potential safety hazard was reported to both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

However, the Thai supplier continued to ship tens of millions of contaminated supplies into the United States.

Thai regulators revealed local authorities conducted 10 surprise inspections and seized old gloves in recent months.

Some companies allegedly packaged the gloves and sold them all over the world. Other businesses moved to new warehouse locations before restarting operations.

Disposable glove sales have exploded throughout the Chinese Communist Party virus pandemic according to the broadcaster.

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