After Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA 35 proved insufficient to prevent the state’s residents from being forced to get the controversial CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus vaccine and health passport, a major campaign is underway to get them banned for good. 

In this regard, the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs took testimony from Texas physicians on SB 1669: Stop Forced Vaccination and Vaccine Passports in Texas last week, Global Research reported on May 9. 

Hundreds more spoke out in favor of the bill that seeks to have the will of citizens respected—those who do not wish to take the experimental vaccine, which is currently being given in the country, or any other even if it is approved.  

“Senate Bill 1669 has been introduced by Senator Bob Hall. It is good legislation to prevent Texans from being subjected to COVID vaccine passports and other forms of discrimination based on vaccination status,” explains the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons website. 

And it invites, “Please send members of the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs, and your own Texas legislators a note asking them to support this crucial bill. Stop bureaucrats, employers, and big tech companies from trampling on your rights.” 

Governor Abbott’s Executive Order only protects government employees or those paid from government budgets but does not prevent private companies from pressuring their employees to fire them if they don’t obey his mandate to get vaccinated.

In fact, Houston Methodist Hospital threatened its 26,000 employees with dismissal if they do not get vaccinated by June 7.

Likewise, the private, for-profit senior housing company Atria Senior Living, which has 16 facilities in Texas, requires all employees to receive the 2 vaccinations by May 1, 2021, or they will be replaced in their positions. 

Also, the city of Farmer’s Branch, Texas, requires vaccination against the CCP virus to enter city-run facilities called The Branch Connection. 

The same demand is made to travel on Royal Caribbean cruises from Texas, or to enter the University of St. Edwards in Austin, according to Global Research.

There are many arguments from those who do not have confidence in experimental vaccines. The protection they are supposed to confer does not exist, and that those who are vaccinated can not only contract the virus at any time but can also infect others.

More seriously, people who have died from the vaccine number in the thousands worldwide, and many more patients have suffered serious side effects from the same cause. 

In this context of uncertainty, the United Kingdom published the results of an analysis of the people most affected by the resurgence of infections with the CCP virus in March. The surprising thing is that the highest percentages correspond to those who had already received the two doses of the vaccine.  

The official web page explains that the percentage of hospitalizations and deaths ranges between 60% and 70% among older patients, who ultimately suffer the consequences of the CCV virus more severely than those who are not vaccinated.

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