A video of a two-year-old boy who is constantly forced to wear a mask in a kindergarten that went viral in a short time has generated enormous rejection on social networks.

Ann Walker, the boy’s mother, posted the video on her Facebook account of her two-year-old son ‘fighting’ with his teacher, who constantly puts the mask on the boy when he removes it.

The scene occurred in New York, where Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul made facemasks mandatory in kindergartens.
In her original post, Ms. Walker wrote with the hashtags’ breaks my heart’, ‘Governor Hochul this won’t work’ and ‘why are we punishing children’:

“This is my poor child in daycare today so I can work. Point of clarification I am not upset with your daycare. They are trying to comply with the order. I love where he is. I am mad at our governor and OCFS (Office of Children and Family Services) who think that mandatory facemasks for two year olds 7-10 hours a day is at all necessary. #sacemaskourchildren.”

A Twitter user under the name ‘mom science’ republished the video on his account, which had, at the time of writing, more than 5 million views.

“Governor Kathy Hochul, you are a child abuser,” wrote ‘mom science’ in her post.

The crying and suffering of the child generated enormous rejection in the networks, and even senators and recognized personalities joined the criticism.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz wrote: “This is not science. It’s political virtue signaling. And really cruel to kids.”

Bari Weiss, the former New York Times editor who made headlines when she left the paper due to the media outlet’s heavy bias, was harsher and compared politicians who impose mandatory facemasks but don’t follow through.

“Watch this and think about Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry. Or AOC at the Met Gala. Or London Breed partying weekend at the nightclub in the Tenderloin,” the journalist wrote.

The former senator’s daughter, Meghan McCain, and TV talk show host, directly branded the scene ‘child abuse.’

“This is child abuse. I can’t watch this. The trauma we are inflicting onto children in this country will take decades to heal from. This is SICK.”

Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie asked, “How is this helping children? IT’S NOT. Please stop the cruelty..”

Kelley Paul, the wife of Sen. Rand Paul, the Republican who has been a critic of anti-pandemic measures and Dr. Fauci’s nemesis in the Senate, also took aim at the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Every time I watch this child abuse, I think of Dr. Fauci’s verified email to a friend, saying “the typical mask you buy at the drug store doesn’t work because the virus particles are too small and go right through.” And yet he continues to publicly promote this cruelty. Why?”

Later that day, Ms. Walker clarified that her desire to release the video was to complain to the governor about the school mask rule and asked the public not to vilify the kindergarten that was only trying to comply with the rules.

Masks on children

A study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) indicates that facemasks cause children to inhale dangerous carbon dioxide levels that become trapped behind the mask.

Nevertheless, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued an official statement recommending the use of facemasks on children as they go back to school about the same time JAMA published its study.

According to a report in the New York Post, the World Health Organization does not recommend masks for children under the age of 6. The effectiveness of masks in preventing transmission of the virus has been questioned by several studies, including one from the prominent Stanford University.

On September 17, New York’s governor and health commissioner were sued by a group of parents and legislators for mandating masks in schools.

The rule is “arbitrary and capricious,” especially given that kids “are not at risk of dying from the coronavirus,” the suit claims. And the benefits of wearing masks don’t justify the “potential harm on the physical and mental health of children caused by the continued use of masks”—such as breathing and skin problems, the court documents allege.

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