In 2020, Huawei had control of 31% of the global telecommunications infrastructure market. The group has more contracts to build 5G networks than any other company.

However, Huawei is entangled in a global counterattack against China’s belligerent behavior. At the same time, they are also affected by U.S. diplomatic and sanctions campaigns. Also, in June last year, after the Chinese military clashed with India in the high Himalayas, the Indian government banned Huawei from participating in 5G networks.

At the end of the Trump era, Huawei was barred from doing business with Google, Facebook, and other American companies to provide critical software for their mobile phones. More importantly, Washington has cut off the supply of high-precision semiconductors on which Huawei products depend.

The United States has repeatedly emphasized the dangers of working with Huawei. It also initiated a clean network that promises to exclude high-risk suppliers, gaining more followers last year. This year under Biden’s leadership, U.S. policy is friendlier to allies than it has been in the past and has won more international support.

In addition, the United States has banned the world from supplying semiconductors or advanced semiconductor technology to China. For example, the United States does not manufacture the most advanced chip manufacturing equipment globally, but Dutch company ASML does.

Washington used its influence, preventing ASML from exporting specialized chip-making equipment to China and circumventing foreign chipmakers such as Taiwanese manufacturing companies from selling their top products to Huawei.

Despite China’s enormous investments, it still cannot design and manufacture the most advanced semiconductors on its own.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping was forced to admit, “The fact that core technology is controlled by others, this is our biggest potential danger.”

Biden also limited Huawei’s ability to raise capital in the United States and strengthened sanctions in other ways.

Huawei’s network equipment sales fell 14.2% from mid-2020 to mid-2021. As a result, the group’s total revenue fell about 29%, and income from the Middle East to the Americas declined, reported Secret China.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei claimed that “there is no chaos within the company,” but the numbers tell different stories.

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