First responders were caught dropping an injured music festivalgoer on Nov. 5.

A security guard, police officers, and one male civilian let an unconscious woman fall off a stretcher and land on her head at the Houston Astroworld Festival.

A video that has since gone viral on the internet shows they struggled to lower the patient from an elevated ledge onto a clear roadway, leading to the venue’s medical tent.

The male bystander helped carry the stretcher and suddenly released his grip, causing in the woman’s head to fall onto a metal grate below. The footage shows she lay motionless on the ground.

First responders quickly lifted the woman back onto the stretcher and continued carrying her to the medical tent.

Rapper Travis Scott, who performed at the festival, is accused of causing a stampede near the stage area that fatally crushed eight people. Hundreds more were injured.

Houston Astroworld Festivalgoer Kristian Paredes is separately suing Scott for $1 million. He claims the rapper “incited the crowd” and both Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation were negligent.

Scott, whose name at birth was Jacques Bermon Webster II, has already been convicted twice of inciting fans to cross security barricades and rush the stage in Arkansas (2017) and Chicago (2015). He was charged with misdemeanors on both occasions.

The rapper expressed grief and remorse on Instagram. He promised to work with Houston police to help victims and their loved ones.

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