A Houston, Texas, firefighter had an emotional reunion with his biological family 38 years later after learning he was kidnapped and sold from Chile as a baby.

Tyler Graf, 38, learned on May 22, 2021, through a Chilean nonprofit organization that he had been stolen from his family in Temuco, Chile, and given up for adoption to a family in Minnesota. According to ABC News’ Good Morning America, the young man confirmed the facts with a DNA test.

The firefighter knew he had been adopted. However, the adoption papers had been forged. Documents stated that his biological mother’s name was Hilda del Carmen Quezada, and that she was 26 years old when she allegedly abandoned him.

The young man’s family also did not know that the adoption had been illegal. Graf was raised in Minnesota and had a happy childhood.

Fortunately, Graf learned the truth. His mother told him that he was born premature and named him Sergio. Still, she was told at the hospital after birth that her baby had passed away and she was not allowed to see him.

His mother wanted to see the baby, she asked to see his body. Still, they don’t want to show it to her because they tell her—at the hospital—that the baby weighed less than a kilo, Claudia Antinao Quezada, Tyler Graf’s biological sister, told Univision Houston.

“I mean, you are playing with people’s lives for money. You are not destroying one life, you’re destroying multiple families,” Graf said to Click2houston.

Eventually, he met his family, mother, and sisters through the internet. However, his mother couldn’t stand the urge to hug him and traveled to Houston regardless of her fear of flying.

“‘It was the closest hug,’ he said. ‘They just left us alone in each other’s arms, and we hugged, and she kissed me, and we just stood there crying.'” said Graf to GMA.

Recently, the young man was also able to fly back to Chile and meet his sisters, other family members, and most of all, see his mother again.

“Now, I am between families. I don’t want to hurt my adoptive parents’ feelings or my birth mother’s feelings, so it’s a good balance right now. I’m trying to figure out where I fit in the middle of all of this,” she told GMA.

“We’re making up for 38 years of lost time,” he said. “Time we can’t get back.”

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