A woman left a baby girl, who was only a few hours old, with firefighters on Tuesday, Oct. 8, at a southwest Houston fire station in Texas.

The incident was reported about 12:30 a.m. at Houston Fire Department’s Station 21. According to Houston police, a woman carrying a baby came inside the station, handed the child to firefighters and left.

Investigators said it’s not clear if the woman who dropped off the baby girl is her mother.

The firemen at the station accepted the baby without questioning her because of Texas’s Safe Haven law, also called the Baby Moses law, KTRK reported.

Under this law, parents are allowed to leave their child, who is 2 months old or younger, at a designated safe place, such as a hospital, fire station, or emergency medical services station in the state and will not be prosecuted, provided the child is unharmed and given to an employee of the facility.

“At this point, CPS and HPD juvenile investigators will do a follow-up investigation to see if we can determine circumstances of how the child was dropped off at the fire station,” said HPD Lt. Larry Crowson.

The baby girl was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital where she was checked out and appears to be fine. She will be placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

“We are more concerned with the safety of the child than who they belong to at that point,” Lt. Larry Crown, of the Houston Police Department, said.