The theme of the upcoming Republican Party convention will be Honoring the Great American Story, Fox News revealed on Thursday Aug. 13. The Aug. 24-27 gathering will highlight America’s “greatness, opportunity, and President Donald Trump’s bold leadership.”

According to a source familiar with the plans told Fox News that the Republican National Convention will be in “stark contrast to the doom and gloom message” expected to be heard at the Democratic Party convention, which will be held August 17-20.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is the body that the candidate for president and vice president of the Republican Party is elected, as well as the general platform of the party.

Topics to be addressed by the convention

The RNC is organized by the Republican National Committee and has elected delegates from every state as well as the various territories.

This year, however, the delegates meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, will not vote on the party’s 2020 platform, but will readopt the platform that led to the Trump presidency in 2016.

Sources consulted by Fox indicated that the issues on the RNC agenda will be ordered as follows:

  • Monday, Aug. 24: The Land of Promise
  • Tuesday, Aug. 25: The Land of Opportunity
  • Wednesday, Aug. 26: The Land of Heroes
  • Thursday, Aug. 27: The Land of Greatness

The speakers

According to Fox News, speakers include Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.).

In addition to Scott, citizens will speak whose experiences will expose some of the great debates going on in America today, such as the country’s economic situation and the role of the police.

One of the speakers will be Tanya Weinreis, owner of Mountain Mudd Espresso in Montana, a local self-service coffee shop with 12 kiosks and about 50 employees.

Weinreis will talk about her experience receiving the Payment Protection Program (PPP), the government’s help for businesses to keep their workforce employed during the crisis unleashed by the CCP Virus.

“The loss of sales was scary—I was nervous this would ruin the business. The large corporations like Starbucks could withstand it, but I didn’t know if we could,” Weinreis said, according to Fox News.

“[The PPP loan] will allow us to continue paying our employees, as well as covering other operational costs like rent and utilities. Now we can give back to the community in a meaningful way,” she added.

There will also be space for St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Ann Dorn and the widow of retired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, who was killed while guarding a pawn shop during a night of violent looting.

A different convention

It is worth noting that this year, because of the pandemic, both the Republican and Democratic National Committees drastically reduced the scale of the convention by canceling several celebration events.

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted on Monday that his speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination in late August will be held at the White House or on the battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.