A black home education group co-founder criticized a theory that critically examines the law and challenges mainstream liberal approaches to racial justice.

Joyce Burges does not approve of critical race theory (CRT). She runs the National Black Home Educators (NBHE) to counter the education system using black families to push a left-leaning agenda.

“[CRT] teaches blacks against whites, it teaches that whites are superior and it teaches that black students are oppressed,” she said according to Breitbart. “That is not what black parents want to teach their children.”

She does not want black students to be taught they cannot achieve their dreams because of white supremacy.

“Parents understand that and know that our parents at National Black Home Educators stand firm against this,” she said according to the publication. “We will not allow a system to teach our children that the reason they cannot achieve is because somebody has a hammer over their head.”

The director recalled a time when parents and teachers taught children they can accomplish whatever the set their mind to.

“God did not make no junk [and] that is what they told me all the time–you are somebody because God did not make no junk,” she said.

She believes there is no need to teach CRT to impressionable youth.

“We totally stand against CRT, we do not agree with that and we do not teach our children that,” she said. “They are using the black agenda, and black families, to promote that agenda but our black families stand firm against it.”

The number of black families who homeschool their children rose after different city mayors pledged to support CRT in public education, from kindergarten through to high school, at an annual convention.

The Classic Learning Test founding CEO Jeremy Wayne Tate cited census data, showing the home education rate among black families jumped from 3.3% to 16.1% between spring 2020 and fall 2021.

Burges revealed parents have used the pandemic to spend more time with children. This gave them the opportunity to see what they were studying during online classes.

She and her husband founded NBHE in July 2000 after homeschooling their five children. The organization’s motto is “empowering parents to educate children for excellence.”

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