A suspect, 38, allegedly broke into the home in the San Carlos neighborhood and stabbed the homeowner, 54. The homeowner’s son, 20, retrieved a gun and shot the suspect, who then fled the residence, only to collapse and die in the pool of the backyard, KCBD reports.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that when police arrived, the deceased suspect was floating in the pool.

The homeowner with multiple stab wounds was taken to the hospital.

The suspect was not known to the family, Fox5 reports.

The San Diego City Council is in the process of passing an ordinance to require guns to be disabled or locked up in the home. The ordinance passed on Monday, July 15th, with six votes from the Democratic Council, and is now one vote away from becoming law.

Ordinance opponents warn that it will create a situation where law-abiding citizens will not be able to retrieve firearms quickly enough to protect themselves in a situation of self-defense.

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