Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this time points to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as an ally of Russia and guilty of her losing the presidency in the 2016 elections because of his late support, although he eventually did.

Apparently, Clinton has still not recovered from the failure of the election campaign to win the presidency. Clinton spoke out on Howard Stern’s Dec. 5 radio show.

In addition to prompting a long and costly investigation into the legitimacy of President Donald Trump, in which no evidence of collusion with Russia was found, she now points to Sanders.

Previously, the former secretary of state had targeted Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard as one of the “favorites” of Russian electoral hackers, according to the Western Journal.

After saying Sanders was favored by Russian agents for election in 2016, she also said Sanders hindered her path to the White House.

This could result in Democrats supporting other candidates in the primaries instead of Sanders.

In fact, former President Barack Obama secretly said that if Bernie Sanders was ahead of the 2020 presidential nomination he would try to stop him, according to Politico.

Obama pointed out that Sanders no longer has a close link with the electorate that had served him in his 2008 campaign, adding that former vice president and candidate Joe Biden did not have it either, according to Politico.

Similarly, Obama intervened in the previous campaign in 2016, when he pressured Sanders to support Hillary Clinton.

Thus, Obama’s interference in the affairs of his party’s candidates is appreciated. He also does not seem to support progressive candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for her expensive public health program, according to The Hill, quoted by The Daily Wire.

The expectation remains as to whether Clinton’s targeting of Sanders could lead to a thorough investigation to determine whether a crime was indeed committed in the candidate’s eventual collusion with members of the Russian government.

Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson, and Lindsey Graham are looking for evidence of Democrats’ possible collusion with Ukraine, and Clinton’s pointing to Sanders could be a clue to consider.

“Election interference by any foreign entity is a serious matter,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote on his Senate page.

“Whether there’s a connection between Democratic operatives and Ukrainian officials during the 2016 election has yet to be determined,” Grassley added.

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