Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently released a video in which he warned that current President Joe Biden, after having selected his working cabinet, has given the Chinese Communist Party a “warm embrace.”

The video in question shows some of the concerns towards certain cabinet nominees, some of whom have already been appointed as secretaries in their respective departments.

“China poses the single greatest geopolitical threat to the United States over the next century.” He then continues, “One of the really disturbing patterns we’ve seen with Biden nominee after Biden nominee is a warm embrace of China,” Cruz warns in the video.

According to Breitbart News, the video features images of cabinet nominees, including U.N. ambassador nominee Linda Thomas Greenfield, Commerce secretary nominee Governor Gina Raimond, and now Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Regarding Mayorkas, Cruz highlights in his video that Mayorkas received an indictment for doing political favors for “well-connected Democratic stakeholders” under the EB-5 visa program, acquiring such a visa for a Huawei vice president.

Cruz’s video also singles out Thomas-Greenfield, whose post was approved Thursday by the Foreign Relations Committee on an 18-4 vote and now awaits confirmation in the Senate.

Cruz emphatically questioned the U.N. ambassador nominee during her hearing and was one of the senators who voted against her Thursday, primarily because of a 2019 speech she delivered at a Confucius Institute at Savannah State University in Georgia, where she spoke in favor of China’s aggressive investment practices in Africa.

Greenfield said she regretted delivering such a speech during the hearing, asserting that she intended to give advice on foreign affairs to young people at Savannah State, a historically black public university, Breitbart News reported.

She acknowledged China’s “self-interested and parasitic goals in Africa,” asserting that she had wanted to convey that “Africans need to open their eyes on how they deal with the Chinese, and I would like to see the U.S. government do more in Africa to compete.” 

During his committee’s vote, Cruz claimed that “the speech she gave does not have one single critical word about China,” further noting that Confucius Institutes are mouthpieces for and funded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), emphasizing how critical Greenfield’s speech had been.

Cruz’s video also mentions Chinese tech giant Huawei, which he described as a “global espionage company masquerading as a telecom company.”

At the Commerce secretary’s confirmation hearing, Cruz asked nominee Gina Raimondo if she could commit to keeping Huawei and other Chinese tech companies on the list of entities, which the Commerce Department maintains. However, she tried to dodge the question, responding, “I will commit to working with you on that …”

The Republican senator wanted to delay his vote to nominate Raimondo, given her refusal to commit to keeping China’s Huawei on the blacklist of U.S.-sanctioned companies.

“I’ll lift the hold when the Biden admin commits to keep the massive Chinese Communist Party spy operation Huawei on the Entity List,” Cruz said during the hearing, according to New York Post.

Cruz used the Commerce secretary’s statements as an argument to reject her nomination. However, Reimondo was nominated to the post after a 21-3 Commerce Committee vote and now awaits the Senate’s verdict.

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