Kayla Miller, a critical care nurse, stopped to perform CPR on the victims on the sidewalk while fleeing a Dayton, Ohio, bar when 24-year-old gunman Connor Betts opened fire early Sunday, Aug. 4, according to TODAY.

Miller, one of the first people to start doing CPR on the gunshot victims laying on the street, said she felt compelled to help in any way she could.

“I look down the sidewalk and see just a row of bodies. People shot, some alive, some not,” Kayla Miller described the heartbreaking scene outside a bar in Dayton, Ohio.

Miller said that she was at Ned Pepper’s Bar celebrating a friend’s 25th birthday when Connor Betts opened fire outside. She quickly recognized something was wrong as people began fleeing for safety.

“It was pretty evident because everyone was just crawling toward the back exit, just finding each other to get out of the bar,” Miller said.

As Miller ran to safety, she stopped to perform CPR on wounded patrons and other gunshot victims on the sidewalk while putting her own life in danger.

“I’m grateful to be able to be alive and talk to my family and friends and tell them I’m OK, but my heart breaks for these families. It’s just not fair,” she told TODAY.

Miller did compressions on about five victims but none of them survived, according to Daily Mail.

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