The New York City Fire Department and New York Police Departments responded to a helicopter crash on the roof of a skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, on Monday, June 10.

The helicopter crashed onto the roof of a 54 floor high-rise around 2 p.m., which caused surrounding buildings in the local area to be evacuated.

The New York City Fire Department said in a tweet Monday that the helicopter appears to have crash landed on the top of the tower, which does not have a helipad.

The Fire Department said the pilot of the helicopter died in the crash.||44f988589__

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The crash occurred at 787 Seventh Ave., between West 51st and 52nd streets in the vicinity of the heavily trafficked Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Damage to the roof was apparent but it is not known if any damage occurred on the floors below.

A fire was ignited from the crash but has since been extinguished. The building has been completely evacuated and remains closed.

Visibility was limited due to rain along with low clouds and fog, which may have contributed to the incident.

Tenants in the building said that the building shook heavily from the impact of the crash and that tenants are shaken from the incident but there are no reports of injuries to the people in the tower.

Devin Duncan who works in the building where the crash occurred, said, “I was just doing what I was supposed to do and I felt the building shake. It was a big shake. I thought there was something wrong with the elevator at first. And then I seen everybody come down in all the elevators. Big packed elevators. About 20-30 people in one elevator.”

Firefighters were seen taking people in and out of the building.

People are being warned by authorities to avoid the area although there appears to be no further danger in the vicinity.

Nearby roads have been blocked and will remain so until further notice.

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