A Salt Lake City woman suspects her teenage son was in a critical condition from side effects caused by being immunized against the CCP Virus (COVID-19).

Everest Romney’s mother, Cherie Tomney, is still coming to terms with the hospitalization of her active 17-year-old. She maintains Romney was in good health, and an avid member of the Corner Canyon High School basketball team in Draper, before receiving the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccine.

However, she sensed something was seriously wrong when Romney complained about suffering from fever, severe headaches, and a swollen neck just days after receiving the experimental Pfizer jab.

Initially, primary health professionals diagnosed the symptoms as a pulled neck muscle.

“He could not move his neck without the assistance of his hands,” Tomney said, according to Health Impact News.

It was only after the mom made several requests for her son to be reexamined that the pediatrician finally discovered several blood clots had formed in Romney’s brain more than a week later. Two blood clots were inside of the brain while the third was outside.

The worried mother quickly had her son admitted to the Primary Children’s Hospital intensive care unit (ICU)—about 4 miles east of downtown Salt Lake City.

However, the ICU allegedly discharged the teen on May 6 despite him still suffering from swollen eyes and some symptoms. He was still recovering at home at the time of publication.

“The hardest thing was I let him get that shot, and he was healthy and well before but you question it, you cannot help but question it when it all goes wrong,” Tomney said according to the publication.

The mother suspects the fast-tracked vaccine rollout and shorter time reserved for clinical testing, combined with daily competitive basketballing, created a “perfect storm” for blood clotting.

Tomney believes high-contact physical activity most likely aggravated swelling from the vaccine, according to ABC4.

Although she wishes she had declined to give parental consent for Romney’s vaccination, she does not specifically discourage other parents from having their children immunized against the CCP Virus.

She hopes parents will consider her own family’s experience with the Pfizer jab and draw their own conclusions about what is in their best interests.

“It was pretty awful,” Romney said, according to the broadcaster.

The teen’s aunt recently shared an update on social media that doctors are still “unsure of what his long-term diagnosis will be.”

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