A chemical banned in the EU because it poses a danger to humans and the environment is used in America without constraint.

Tucker Carlson, the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” spoke out against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allowing “Big Agriculture” to use the pesticide known as Atrazine, being sprayed on half of America’s corn crops.

“Atrazine is a pesticide,” the Fox News host explained. “It’s the second-most-common one in the U.S. Half of America’s corn crop is treated with it.”

“Despite its name, the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t just exist to protect the environment,” said Carlson. “It also exists to protect you by policing against the many pollutants that are generated by modern life. But soon, the EPA will be doing a little bit less to protect you, and a little bit more to protect Big Agriculture.”

Tucker Carlson, Jan 10. (screenshot, Fox News)

The chemical has been banned in the EU as it has been found to be an “endocrine disrupter” that interferes with the body’s hormone balance. “For newborn boys, atrazine exposure in utero is correlated with lower birth weight, undescended testicles, and deformities to sex organs,” said Carlson, reports Daily Caller.

In frogs, said Carlson the dangerous chemical has been found to cause “some to change their sex entirely.”
“Now it may be that atrazine’s risk is low enough, and its value is high enough, that we don’t need to ban it,” said the Fox News host, contending that the agency “isn’t just keeping the pesticide legal” but has “decided to stop closely monitoring its use.”

“Buried within a recent 60-page regulatory document, the EPA has announced it will soon end its Atrazine monitoring program, which tests drinking water to make sure that atrazine levels are safe,” said Carlson.

Half of the pesticide is finding its way into the waterways, and “30 million Americans had measurable amounts” in their tap water, said Carlson.

“For the EPA, that’s not a concern,” the Fox News host concluded. “Their concern is corn.”

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