Franklin Graham strongly supports President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election. Besides praising conservative judge appointments, the foreign policy in search of peace, and the president’s economic measures, he highlighted his commitment to religious freedom.

Through a posting on his Facebook page, the son of iconic evangelist Billy Graham gave an impassioned description of President Trump’s legacy during his first four years in the White House on Oct. 26.

“[Headline] … a few days ago that said President Trump had changed the world, even if he doesn’t win the next election. I thought about that from a Christian perspective, and how true that headline really is,” he reflected.

He highlighted the almost 200 federal constitutional judge appointments and the three conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

“These actions alone will have an impact on not only my generation, but the lives of my children and grandchildren,” Graham said in the post that went viral, being shared more than 49,000 times, and adding 132,000 “Like” and 25,000 comments at the time of the writing this article.

Graham also praised President Trump’s historic intervention for achieving peace in the Middle East, detailing the peace agreement negotiations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan.

“This is unprecedented. Any other president would have probably received the Nobel Peace Prize for this—and he should have,” Graham said.

In addition to exposing how President Trump “stood up” to the communist regimes of North Korea and China, Graham noted that “at the same time, [Trump] has stood up to the political swamp in Washington that has falsely accused him of collusion and impeached him.”

Graham argued that despite the CCP Virus pandemic’s effects on economic activity, many Americans are better off today than they were four years ago.

That claim is supported by a recent Gallup poll that found that 56 percent of respondents said they are in better circumstances now compared to 2016.

The reverend explained that the improved well-being the United States was due, among other measures, to the historic tax reduction and energy independence achieved under President Trump’s leadership.

Graham also mentioned how the Trump administration has defended faiths and religious freedom during his presidency.

“President Trump has defended religious freedom here at home and around the world,” he said.

Indeed, the Trump administration has made the defense of freedom of belief one of its pillars in foreign policy.

On Oct. 27, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo celebrated International Religious Freedom Day with a call to raise awareness about the persecution that occurs today of people of faith in different parts of the world, emphasizing human rights violations occurring in China.

“Our government understood that an individual, irrespective of their religion or beliefs, should be free to organize their lives in accordance with their consciences,” Pompeo said.

“Religious freedom and other themes of human dignity are—and will always remain—a core U.S. foreign policy priority,” he said.

That is why during the CCP Virus pandemic, President Trump vehemently opposed the decision of Democratic leaders to close temples and places of worship, and “he boldly declared to the nation that the church is ‘essential’ during this pandemic,” Graham wrote.

“I’m not telling people who to vote for, but I certainly am encouraging people to pray about who to vote for—and to pray for this president with so many in the media and the progressive, socialist-leaning left doing everything they can to stop him,” he concluded.

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