Three universities, including Harvard, are linking up with six Chinese universities conducting research for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), with serious national security implications. 

In addition to Harvard, Yale School of Medicine, and the University of Pennsylvania partner with these Chinese universities backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or the PLA, according to The Washington Free Beacon on March 10. 

At least Sichuan University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Tsinghua University are working to develop warfare technologies including China’s nuclear program. They also have links to Chinese cyberespionage efforts.

American universities partnering with CCP

The American universities are also conducting studies for Chinese health planning, threatening the privacy of patients in both China and the United States, to which senior director of China policy at the Project 2049 Institute, Ian Easton, referred.

“You may not be interested in the CCP, but the CCP is interested in you. It wants to collect all your personal and private data. It wants to leverage your data against you, your values, and your way of life,” Easton said.

And he noted that such interest would not be humane, “The danger of that happening is very real. There is nothing benign or humanistic about the CCP’s approach to medicine, and its exploitation of the global biotech industry ought to be repudiated,” he warned.

University of Pennsylvania working with Beijing Union Medical School

In turn, the University of Pennsylvania is working with the Beijing Union Medical School, overseen by the Chinese Communist Party’s National Health Commission, linked to human rights abuses perpetrated against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, reported The Washington Free Beacon.

“China’s government is engaging in mass genocide, a crime against humanity. This is going on right now. Today, Beijing is the most egregious violator of human rights on the planet,” Easton also charged. 

Universities refusal to turn over documents detailing cash from CCP

This association of universities with CCP-dependent institutions is made even more serious by their refusal to turn over documents detailing cash and other gifts from the CCP, according to a new report by the U.S. Department of Education, The New York Post noted.

Department of Education general counsel Reed Rubinstein informed lawmakers about these irregularities, in a letter.

“The evidence suggests massive investments of foreign money have bred dependency and distorted the decision making, mission, and values of too many institutions,” Rubinstein said.

In its investigations, the Department of Education succeeded in getting more than $6.5 billion in foreign money disclosed by Yale and Harvard universities.

However, they still refused to turn over emails describing their business relationships with the CCP, Russia, and the Middle East.

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