Entertainment giant Warner Media announced the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the famous Harry Potter series, which will be attended by the most prominent characters of the cast— except for its creator, author J.K. Rowling.

Apparently, the cause of the exclusion is that Rowling “Rowling sparked backlash from the trans community after saying that transgender individuals should be defined by their biological sex,” as reported by the left-leaning Hollywood Reporter on Nov. 16. 

For writer John Nolte, Rowling was blacklisted because she doesn’t share the ideology of “The left-wing fascists at Warner Media,” the multinational entertainment company owned by AT&T. 

And he explains, “She refuses to be bullied and gaslighted by this ludicrous transsexual voodoo that demands we believe men can menstruate and have babies; that simply by saying so, a person can magically change sex.”

He also considers that “It is outrageous to blacklist artists (or anyone) over any political belief, much less one grounded in the science of biology,” and that those who agreed to attend the celebration betrayed the series creator. 

In fact, Rowling wrote in one of her essays, “I refuse to bow down to a movement that I believe is doing demonstrable harm in seeking to erode ‘woman’ as a political and biological class and offering cover to predators like few before it.”

Likewise, she expanded on her arguments by expressing, “Women [are told they] must accept and admit that there is no material difference between trans women and themselves … But, as many women have said before me, ‘woman’ is not a costume.”

The publications on Rowling’s stance on the subject, generated an avalanche of criticism for her, even on social networks one compared her to one of her characters: “You are Voldemort,” she quoted.   

“I spoke up about the importance of sex and have been paying the price ever since. [I was told] I was transphobic, I was a [expletive], a bitch, a TERF, I deserved cancelling, punching and death,” Rowling shared. 

The rollout of the work created by Rowling began with the first film in the franchise, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, released on November 14, 2001 and becoming a worldwide hit. This production was followed by seven others. 

This theme will be the theme of the big celebration, and the participants of the saga will “travel back to Hogwart’s for the first time”. 

On the other hand, transgender ideology has caused an ongoing controversy in the United States, and is often rejected because it contravenes science to become abuse when children are involved, as Dr. Ben Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, puts it.

“Well, I think they have completely neglected biology. Biology tells us that there are males and there are females, and there’s a reason for that, and we also know that the human brain is an incredibly complex organ and it’s not fully developed until your mid- to late-twenties,” Carson argues

He adds, “So why would you be asking a pre-adolescent about these complex issues?” Carson continued.“Why would we even be complicating their lives? Children are curious by nature, and of course they’re going to ask questions and explore things.”

“That doesn’t mean that they want to change their sex. And to confuse them in that way, I think, is child abuse. It certainly has nothing to do with science. These radical things are actually going to ruin people’s lives long term,” he emphasized.

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