KINGSTON —The Graham Academy, a school for students living with autism and emotional challenges, has been selected to be a part of an international project partnering with Eastern Pennsylvania’s Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation.

The project features Growboxxes, which are self-contained garden systems that aim to increase plant survivability by 90 percent while also using 90 percent less water. The project will teach students how to grow their own fresh food and make healthy nutrition choices.

“It’s a good opportunity to learn about healthy living,” says Elizabeth Masi, who is the environmental education coordinator at The Graham Academy. “We want to create not only individuals that will enter the community as upstanding citizens, but also as young adults who want to live a healthy lifestyle.”

All of the students at The Graham Academy will be participating in raising the Growboxxes, though the high school students will be studying the plants growth and gathering data.

“We hope that our students will take the gardening skills they learn here and bring them back to their families,” says Masi. “We think that Growboxxes will be an incredible way to continue bridging the classroom home.”

Graham Academy To Take Part In Growboxxes Project
Graham Academy To Take Part In Growboxxes Project

The Graham Academy is among several other schools in the Wyoming Valley to participate in the project, including Hanover Area and Nanticoke schools.

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