California Gov. Gavin Newsom was criticized after he skipped the funeral of El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael, who was allegedly killed by illegal aliens.

Ishmael was laid to rest Tuesday, Nov. 5, about two weeks after he responded to an alleged robbery, according to The Sacramento Bee.

At a press conference, Sheriff John D’Agostini criticized Newsom for not attending Ishmael’s funeral.

“[Newsom] had an important meeting with PG&E. One morning out of his busy schedule to respect my deputy and his family I don’t think is too much to ask,” the sheriff said.

He also criticized Democrat-run California’s sanctuary policies and held them in part to blame for the murder, as well as other preventable crime caused by illegal aliens.

The main issue discussed was the increasing planned power outages in Northern California, the California Globe reported.

The utility received widespread public criticism for its power outages in early October that affected more than 2 million people in northern California.

Later on Thursday, Nov. 7, the governor’s office said that he had sent representatives to the funeral in his place, along with a letter.

Ishmael was shot and killed in the line of duty in Somerset, California, on Oct. 23, after responding to an early morning 911 call.

A person had reported a marijuana theft at an illegal grow in the area. Soon after arriving at the scene, Ishmael was hit with a bullet above his bullet-proof vest and died minutes later.