With a new policy of restrictions beginning on Aug. 18, Google seeks to demonetize websites that spread ‘conspiracy theories’ about the CCP Virus.

Next month Google will prohibit publishers from using its advertising platform to display ads with content that promotes conspiracy theories about the CCP virus. 

In cases where a particular site publishes a certain amount of material that violates these policies, it will ban the entire site from using its ad platforms. This was reported on Friday, July 17, on CNBC’s website

Google already prohibits ads that accompany harmful information about disease prevention and unfounded cures, including anti-vaccine promotions or content that encourages users to forego traditional medical treatments. 

Google is now taking it to the next level by banning ads that promote claims that go against the authoritative “scientific consensus.” 

A Google representative speaking with The Verge confirmed the new policy will cover any pages that in any way contradict an “authoritative scientific consensus” on the CCP (Communist Part Party) Virus (coronavirus)  pandemic. While Google is already demonetizing claims of health information that it considers false, it will soon do the same with “false” claims about the origins of the virus, for example. The policy will not apply to conspiracy theories unrelated to the CCP’s virus.

Since the spread of the pandemic, the information landscape about it was and is extremely varied and changing. New cases, new manifestations, new studies, advances and setbacks generated an endless number of representatives for the virus with the most dissimilar opinions. This is undeniable, however, Google talks about using “scientific consensus” as a criterion for evaluating the information. But what is this consensus? Where is it to be found?

The logical place to identify the so-called consensus should be the World Health Organization (WHO). But right now the WHO is at the center of criticism for its poor handling of the pandemic, after committing a series of repeated contradictions in its informative speeches. 

So much so that President Trump announced just over a month ago the suspension of WHO funding by the United States, at least, until there are reports that determine the organization’s role in managing and allegedly covering up the spread of the virus.