Buy a car at Carolina Ford, get a Bible, an American Flag, and a Smith & Wesson AR.: ‘God, guns and America!’

The South Carolina dealership posted their “latest greatest” promotion on Facebook last week, saying the offer will last until the end of November.

Carolina Fords posted: “For the months of October and November, Carolina Ford will be giving away a Bible, an American Flag and a Smith & Wesson AR with every vehicle purchased!!!! So if you have been waiting for a great deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle then now is the time to jump on it.”

General Manager Derrick Hughes told WYFF News 4 that the staff was talking hunting and said since most people in the area have a shotgun or pistol, they decided to give away the AR.

Hughes said those interested in receiving a gun will get a voucher after they purchase their car. The voucher can be redeemed at Locked and Loaded, a gun shop in Abbeville.

“We are not forcing anyone to take the gun. They can use the voucher for sporting equipment, fishing, or archery equipment,” Hughes said. “They can also choose a different gun.”

The gun shop will run a background check on the customer before they are permitted to redeem their gun voucher. If the voucher-holder does not pass the check, Hughes says they can take store credit and purchase any other item that suits their fancy.

Hughes also said, “We are not taking a political stance in any way shape or form. We are all country folk, God-fearing people. We are very patriotic people, believe in our country and salute our military”

Hughes said he supports gun rights.

“I’m a big Second Amendment supporter,” he explained. “I do believe there needs to be more gun control, but there also needs to be more common sense when it comes to it.”