President Trump was in for a pleasant surprise on Saturday night, Dec. 7, at the Israeli American Council National Summit. At the end of his address, there was one extraordinary moment.

In his address to the audience, he mentioned that a vote for him in the 2020 election would help protect Israel.

At the close of his remarks, he asked God to bless Israel, reported The Daily Caller.

“So many of you voted for people in the last administration,” Trump said, according to Breaking Israel News. “Someday, you’ll have to explain that to me because I don’t think they liked Israel too much.”
“After eight years of which our alliance was undermined and neglected, I am happy to report the United States-Israeli relationship is stronger now than ever before,” Trump added.

“So tonight, together, we ask that God bless our military,” the president said. “We ask that God bless our veterans. We ask that God bless our cherished ally, the State of Israel. And with our flag waving high, our people standing tall, and our faith forever strong, we say our prayer once more: God bless America, our home sweet home.”

The president explained the origin of the song, which began as a prayer.

“In 1918, a young Jewish American soldier stationed at Camp Upton, in New York, wrote a prayer in the form of a song,” Trump said before the Shalva band sang.

“His name was Irving Berlin—maybe the greatest of them all. And he held that song close to his heart for more than 20 years. He did not release the song until 1938, as the world learned of Hitler’s evil atrocities against the Jewish people.”

“On November 10th of that year, his song broadcast through the radio and into the homes all across the country,” the president continued. “Millions and millions of people were inspired. It was the first time Americans heard Irving Berlin’s timeless hymn, ‘God Bless America.'”

Trump explained that the song “God Bless America” became “the prayer of our nation,” from the islands of the Pacific to Nazi territory where American soldiers opened “the gates of concentration camps and liberated Jewish survivors.”

“It’s the prayer that Americans sang as we faced down communism, and as we came together as one nation after 9/11,” Trump said. “It’s the prayer that still unites us today and the hope that burns bright in our hearts because we are proud American patriots. We love this magnificent nation with every ounce of our strength, spirit, and soul.”

President Trump is hugged by members of the disabled band Shalva, at the Israeli American Council National Summit, Sat. Dec 7. (screenshot Daily Caller video)

Following his remarks, a rendition of “God Bless America” was performed by the Shalva band, a popular Israeli religious singing group composed of artists with special needs, Breaking Israel News reported.

When the band finished playing, to the obvious delight of the president, band members rushed over to embrace him warmly.

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