During an interview with former Missouri Gov. Eric Gritens on the Real America’s Voice network program “Actionable Intelligence,” President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said the key threat currently facing the United States is the Big Tech oligarchs, as well as Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Giuliani noted that in the United States Big Tech oligarchs have become corrupt, despotic, and oppressive in the way they exercise power, indicating that both the Democratic Party and some members of the Republican Party obtain “immunities that nobody else has and exercise influence over us in which they crush our rights.”

In recent days, companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google have implemented measures to censor or at worst eliminate from their services President Donald Trump, as well as anyone who questions the results of the U.S. elections that gave Joe Biden the victory.

Google announced on Jan. 8 the elimination of the Parler platform on Play store, a platform that advocates freedom of opinion that also quickly became No. 1 in downloads, claiming that its content incited violence in the United States in the wake of the events on Capitol Hill.

In the last hours, corporate giants Walmart and Amazon announced that they would withdraw political donations to Republican Party members who voted against certifying the election results that gave Joe Biden the victory, according to Business Insider.

Giuliani said there is an external threat led by the CCP, indicating that many people in the U.S. government, including Joe Biden, have taken millions of dollars from the CCP. He added that it is “terrifying” that he has been elected, according to Just the News.

Not only can one see the threat that the Chinese communist regime poses to the United States through the connections it has with various congressmen and public figures, but one can also discern it through its ties to influential institutions within the country such as Wall Street, or institutions of higher education.

Giuliani, who led the legal efforts of Trump’s campaign team to challenge the election results in the face of evidence of fraud, also spoke about the political pressures on the legal profession, claiming that what was being done to lawyers was destroying the legal profession.

“They are being required to subscribe to one political philosophy. It happens to be dominated very much now by Big Tech because they make up the major income of the major law firms,” he said.

Giuliani said, “If you represent Donald Trump, the big clients in your law firm will put a great deal of pressure on your partners saying, ‘Get rid of him because we hate Trump, Trump is a monster, Trump is gonna hurts us.’”

Giuliani, and even Republican legislators like Sen. Josh Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz, who supported the decision to challenge the Electoral College results on alleged evidence of fraud, have become targets for criticism, accusations, censorship, and even personal attacks.

According to The Hill, in the last 12 hours, Middlebury College announced that it is revoking an honorary degree it presented to President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, following the riots on Capitol Hill, which authorities said were infiltrated by leftist groups such as antifa.

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