A giant sinkhole that opened up in downtown Pittsburgh during Monday morning rush hour, on Oct. 28,  swallowed the back part of a city bus, leaving the front half hanging several feet above the road and the only passenger with a minor injury.

The Port Authority bus was stopped at a red light when a rectangular hole in the street opened up beneath it, swallowing the rear half of the bus, Port Authority of Allegheny County officials said.

A photo shows the front of the bus jutting out and the front wheels of a car dangling over the sinkhole’s edge. 

Emergency crews rushed to the scene near the Westin Hotel after a call just before 8 a.m.

Only the driver and one passenger were on board when the bus fell in. Both were safely able to escape, and the lone passenger was being treated for a minor injury.

Officials send a tow truck to drag the fallen bus out of the street.

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