This Wednesday, December 29, a Manhattan jury found Ghislaine Maxwell, the associate of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, guilty of trafficking underage girls to be sexually abused in what was one of the most anticipated verdicts because the case involves people in circles of power.

“A unanimous jury has found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable – facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of children,” said Southern District Attorney Damian Williams, according to Fox News. “Crimes that she committed with her long-time partner and co-conspirator, Jeffrey Epstein. The road to justice has been far too long. But, today, justice has been done.” 

He added: “I want to commend the bravery of the girls – now grown women – who stepped out of the shadows and into the courtroom. Their courage and willingness to face their abuser made this case, and today’s result, possible.”

With today’s verdict, Maxwell could spend more than 65 years in prison, although specific details of the case have not been released to the press at this time.

The prosecution charged that Maxwell acted as Epstein’s pedophile madam, recruiting and training underage girls between 1994 and 2004 to be subjected to sexual abuse.

The case was based on the testimony of three women who used false names to protect their privacy and one who used her real identity.

Jane, Kate and Carolyn, and Annie Farmer testified against Maxwell.

Jane, a television actress, said she met Maxwell and Epstein at a music camp when she was 14 and was tricked into going to their Palm Beach mansion, where the couple groped her.

Kate, a former British model, testified that she was 17 when Maxwell introduced her to the convicted child molester and asked her to give Epstein a sexual massage.

Carolyn, a mother in drug rehabilitation, testified that she met Epstein and Maxwell when she was 14. She was paid to give Epstein sexual massages and recruit friends her age or younger. The abuse ended when she turned 18. “That’s when I realized I was too old,” Carolyn told jurors.

All the witnesses claim it was Maxwell who manipulated them, showing interest in their problems, giving them gifts, and promising them that they could fulfill their dreams with Epstein’s wealth.

But once in the pedophile’s mansions, they were sexually abused at ages as young as 14.

Some of the accounts of how Epstein abused the victims are too perverted to mention.

The prosecution presented a total of 24 witnesses, which included the pilot of the infamous ‘Lolita Express’ plane that the pedophile used to transport both his victims and his clients. The pilot gave names of powerful men who used Epstein’s plane, including Bill Clinton, the British prince, Andrew, and Donald Trump.

Maxwell’s defense claims that the witnesses’ memories could fail given the time that elapsed. They were ‘induced’ in their testimonies by the prosecution, hoping to convict Maxwell to obtain money from her and Epstein’s estate.

They also claimed that the criminal was Jeffrey Epstein and that she did not know of the pedophile’s perversion for underage girls, which was refuted during the trial.

Maxwell’s case gained prominence after, in 2019, Epstein was found dead in his New York jail cell while awaiting trial.

Authorities said Epstein committed suicide, but because the pedophile had contacts with powerful men and was supposedly going to name names during his trial, the timing of his death left serious doubts and a bitter taste of not having been able to incriminate those who abused those girls.

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