A Georgia State Patrol trooper was recorded on camera stomping on a suspect. The suspect was armed and fled from police during a traffic check. The incident is now being investigated.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the incident began when a trooper saw a person driving without a seatbelt during a traffic stop. Jamarco Kintavious Lucas, 27, was stopped by the officer at 5.40 p.m., but he quickly fled the area. After Lucas exited the freeway, he was pursued by police, IBTimes reported.

After exiting the truck and fleeing with his right hand inside his waistband, the chase came to an end at an apartment complex.

The Georgia state trooper stomping on the suspect in Atlanta. (@ATLUncensored/Twitter/Screenshot via TheBL)

According to Georgia State Police Spokesperson, Lucas failed to display his hands in response to the trooper’s spoken demand. As a result, the officer used his taser twice, hitting Lucas once when a gun allegedly dropped out of Lucas’s waistband. Additionally, before detaining Lucas, the trooper used a “foot strike” tactic as he attempted to stand up.

A trooper is shown stomping on the suspect who is lying on the ground in one of the two videos published online. After that, he drags the man onto the sidewalk and handcuffs him.

Jamarco Kintavious Lucas, the suspect, was armed and escaped a traffic stop. (@ATLUncensored/Twitter/Screenshot via TheBL)

As the officer was handcuffing the offender, he noticed a gun on the sidewalk and a person approaching them.

“Back up! Back up! Don’t come over here! Stay away from that gun,” The trooper then got the revolver and walked the suspect to his patrol cruiser.

The trooper is being investigated, according to Georgia State Patrol officials. (@ATLUncensored/Twitter/Screenshot via TheBL)

At the time of his arrest, Lucas was sought on a battery charge out of Rockdale County.

Despite the trooper’s use of verbal warning before the strike, Smart opposes the use of force. He went on to say, “Stomping on him two or three times looks like an emotional reaction.”

Lucas faces charges of fleeing or attempting to elude police, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm with an altered serial number, reckless driving, speeding, improper lane change, failure to obey a traffic control device, driving while unlicensed, and no seatbelt for the Oct. 3 incident.

Officials with the Georgia State Patrol told ABC News that the recordings shared on Twitter were part of an investigation into the unnamed trooper’s use of force. As per Department of Public Safety protocol, all such incidents are logged and reviewed, New York Post reported.

Although the suspect was armed, several in Atlanta claimed to be upset by the clip, calling it a “clear case of excessive force.”

“I think that’s a clear case of excessive force. We have someone on the ground already. There’s no need to stomp on him,” activist Scotty Smart told WSB-TV. “You could easily apprehend the suspect by simply placing handcuffs on him. Stomping on him two or three times looks like an emotional reaction.”

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