Georgia Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling, announced finding 2,705 votes in Fayette County, most of which belonged to President Donald Trump.

“There were votes that had been scanned and were on a memory card, but the problem was that they hadn’t been loaded,” Sterling explained, attributing the failure to human error, according to the local 11 Alive News on Nov. 17. 

When the votes were counted, 1,577 were for Trump and 1,128 to Biden, reducing Biden’s advantage to 12,929 votes, stated Daily Beast reporter Sam Brodey, in a tweet. 

The finding in Fayette County follows another one recorded the day before in Floyd County, where thousands of additional votes were found on another memory card whose data had also not been uploaded to the system.

In this case, the votes were also mainly for Trump with 1,643, while Biden received only about half, that is, 865 and 16 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. 

Looking at these two cases from another angle, there is a strong trend in favor of Trump, and although it is a very small sample, it is consistent with most of the mass demonstrations expressed for him by his followers. 

In an electoral process marred by the scandal of fraud, Trump’s supporters are marching to demand transparency in the counting of votes, and a march is scheduled for Nov. 21 in the Georgia state capital, Atlanta. 

Along with the many signs of deception that have had to be sued by President Trump’s campaign legal team, the one that stands out the most is the electronic count administered by Dominion Voting System. This vote-counting system is blamed for diverting thousands of votes from President Trump to Biden, and eliminating millions of votes. This case is beginning to be called Dominiongate.

The repercussions of this fraud appear to be enormous, since it involves an extensive network of electoral interference that covers several countries, and there is speculation that major U.S. political figures may also be involved in this crime. 

Federal authorities may find application of the executive order signed by President Trump in 2018, which punishes interference by other countries by at least confiscating their assets on U.S. soil.

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