Georgia received a considerable number of lawsuits alleging organized and systematic election fraud. One of them, perhaps the most relevant, is the one that accuses electoral authorities of having suspended the count at the State Farm Arena to allow for the expulsion of the Republican observers and then started counting the votes again. Now the organizers of the fraud have been named.

According to recent research published by The Gateway Pundit, at least three people were reportedly identified as actively involved in the historic fraud at the State Farm Center.

Election authorities informed Republican observers and journalists that they should leave the area that night.

Then, behind closed doors, the counting of suitcases full of ballots began.

They turned out to be thousands of ballots for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, reversing the election result.

Ralph Jones was identified as the front-line leader of the task force carrying out the series of irregularities that led to massive election fraud on election night at the State Farm Center in Atlanta.

Together with his team of collaborators, Jones managed to get all the Republican election observers and journalists out of the polling room so that they could deploy their suitcases full of Joe Biden ballots and run them through the voting machines.

Local media recognized Jones as the Fulton County chief registrar. He was singled out as the person who reported the alleged broken water pipe used as an excuse to remove poll watchers and journalists from the premises.

“Fulton County election officials said they are behind (possibly by about two hours) counting absentee ballots after a pipe burst near a room at State Farm Arena where some of those ballots were being held,” the note reads, repeating Jones’s words.

The note goes on to say, “According to election officials, none of the ballots were damaged in the process. No voting equipment was effected [sic] either.”

When various residents and elected officials tried to obtain information about the alleged burst pipe, they got no official response. The most that a Georgia resident attorney, Paul J. Dzikowski, got was a couple of text messages. Further investigations found no pipe ever burst; the closest thing found was a leaky toilet.

The two other individuals identified as having acted with Jones are Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Ross.

As soon as the observers left, Freeman and Ross set to work unpacking suitcases of ballots that had been hidden from public view under a table.

The counting of those ballots changed the result of the elections in Georgia, where, up to that moment, President Trump was ahead by 40,000 votes.

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