In a race against the clock to recount the 5 million votes cast in Georgia, a Republican Party monitor discovered a box of already-recounted votes that mistakenly recorded 9,626 extra votes for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The monitor realized the error looking at the massive difference in the data written on one of the boxes containing votes already counted, ready to be recorded, the Washington Examiner reported on Nov. 18. 

“On the tenth ballot box, I observed the total for Donald J. Trump to be 13 and the total for Joe Biden to be10,707. I turned to the lady next to me [another Republican observer of the recount] and declared aloud for all to hear, ‘10,000 for Biden? That’s not right,'” said the monitor.

A brief discussion followed with one of the recount directors, and they decided that the votes in that box would be counted once again.

“Once the count was completed, I noted the totals were: Trump = 13, Biden = 1,081. A difference of 9,626 less votes that had been credited to Biden in the recount and submitted for tabulation,” the monitor concluded.

The events occurred in DeKalb County. After the monitor delivered a sworn statement, it was sent by the office of Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer to the secretary of state’s general counsel on the evening of Nov. 17, requesting an investigation.

Shafer said the discovery “does not narrow the margin” but “prevents the margin from being wrongly increased,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The discovery of thousands of votes for President Donald Trump in several counties has substantially reduced the gap that still separates him from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

However, the work of the Republican monitors is hampered by the fact that only one of them is allowed to observe what happens in a group of 10 vote-counting tables.

The limited time granted by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to recount the votes is another challenge. Today at 11:59 p.m., the time given is over. 

Tomorrow, Nov. 19, the results will be published, and Raffensperger will certify them the next day. 

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp will certify the state’s 16 electoral votes before 5 p.m. Saturday. 

Finally, the Electoral College will meet on Dec. 14 to cast the state’s votes for president.

Also pending is the recount of votes in Wisconsin, for which the Republican Party was forced to pay $3 million. 

President Trump has made a strong commitment to ensuring that Americans have transparency on an election day that has been marred by many signs of fraud and errors that have only benefited Biden.

The Trump campaign demanded other irregularities be investigated, and it is hoped that if they are resolved favorably, they will allow for the president’s re-election for four more years. 

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