Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.) announced Monday, Dec. 21, that he will lead the challenge of his state’s electors when Congress meets in joint session on Jan. 6.

“Big meeting today with @realDonaldTrump, @VP, the President’s legal team, @freedomcaucus, and other Members of Congress,” Hice tweeted. “I will lead an objection to Georgia’s electors on Jan. 6. The courts refuse to hear the President’s legal case. We’re going to make sure the People can!”

Over a dozen Republican House members have committed to challenging electoral votes in disputed states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.

Any objection, if supported by at least one member of the House and one from the Senate, would trigger a series of debate. Several senators have indicated willingness to join the effort while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was trying to tamp it down.

“I think it’s totally inappropriate for Mitch McConnell trying to walk away from this,” Hice told Newsmax on Tuesday. “If we lose that integrity of the ballot box, we will ultimately lose our country, so he needs to be in the battle with us. He needs to be encouraging senators to get on board with this.”

On Thursday, newly elected  Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) said she also will object to Electoral College votes. 

“Guided by the US Constitution and my responsibility to my constituents, I will object to the Electoral College results on January 6th,” wrote Boebert on Twitter.

“I am very tired of hearing about fixing election fraud going forward,” she said in another tweet. “An election just happened. There was fraud. Fix that one first!”

According to Hice, evidence of voting irregularities and fraud will be presented in the process on Jan. 6. Following the debate where Republicans make their case, votes would be taken by state delegation, not member-by-member, and if there are enough votes to change the election results, then an alternate slate of electors would be accepted and President Trump would be awarded the state.

“The president’s very energetic. He is laser focused, as are many of us who were there in the room,” Hice said of the Dec. 18 meeting at the White House. 

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