A former Georgia police officer was found not guilty of felony murder Monday, Oct. 14, more than four years after he killed an unarmed, naked man who was mentally ill.

Officer Robert “Chip” Olsen, 57, was charged with killing Anthony Hill, 26, an Air Force veteran, in March 2015, who was naked and unarmed, outside his Chamblee apartment complex in Georgia, WSBTV reported.

Prior to the shooting, someone in his neighborhood called the police to report a man “acting deranged, knocking on doors, and crawling around on the ground naked,” then-DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander said afterward.

Olsen arrived at the scene and “when (Hill) saw the officer, he charged at the officer. The officer called to him to stop while stepping backward, drew his weapon and fired two shots,” Alexander said.

Hill had a history of mental illness and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), The Associated Press reported.

Hill stopped taking his medication shortly before his death, his girlfriend, Bridget Anderson said.

A jury in DeKalb County found him guilty of aggravated assault, violation of oath of office, and making a false statement.

The six-count indictment against Olsen includes two charges of felony murder and he faced a sentence of life in prison if found guilty.

Olsen will be sentenced Nov. 1. Judge Latisha Dear Jackson said he can remain out on an $80,000 bond until then, though he will have an ankle monitor and be subject to a curfew, CNN reported.

He had no history of violence, and never faced accusations of using excessive force during his time with the department, the defense said.

What has been at the center of the trial is if Olsen had a reasonable fear for his safety when he shot Hill.


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