Matt Braynard, director of the Voting Integrity Project (VIP), which carried out with his team a detailed analysis of irregularities in the presidential elections, published on Dec. 10 on his Twitter account that he sent the evidence of more than 21,000 illegal votes to the governor and secretary of state of Georgia.

Braynard announced in early November that he was embarking on a difficult task; cross-referencing voter registration information in the states where Trump disputes results with databases of address changes, deceased persons, and review of inactive voters.

Matt, who previously worked for the Trump campaign as a data analysis expert, explained that his approach was the most direct in terms of proving the existence of illegal voters simply by checking which voters moved out of state but still had their votes counted, or voters who had died but voted anyway. Concerning inactive voters, he explained, if someone were interested in committing fraud, the first thing would be to look for people who only voted once or a few times because their votes would go unnoticed.

The method VIP used was to establish call centers and call one by one the people from whom they got their personal information and ask them the corresponding questions to verify if they were really the ones who voted illegally or if there were other reasons.

They are asking three questions, Braynard said: Did a person with your name vote? Did you request a mail-in ballot? Did you return a mail-in ballot?

Braynard concluded that there is enough evidence to flip the results in three of the disputed states according to his findings.

In this case, with the 21,000 illegal votes in the state of Georgia, they are more than enough to nullify the Democratic candidate’s roughly 12,000 vote advantage over Trump.

Today, President Trump tweeted the comment of one of his supporters that summarizes the situation in Georgia:

Suspicious Attitudes of Georgian Officials

On Dec. 6, a video emerged in which Georgia Governor Brian Kemp appeared, begging the Chinese to invest in his state. While the video can be viewed simply with the mentality of someone who seeks the well-being of his people, the fact that it is China raises serious questions as Trump has been at war with the communist dictatorship trying to return jobs to Americans and punishing its officials involved in serious human rights violations.

Similarly, the Secretary of State has also refused to verify the signatures on the mail-in ballots and only authorized the vote recount without any audit, certifying the fraudulent results and denying the existence of the massive evidence of irregularities.

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