On Thursday, video footage taken by security cameras at the State Farm Arena, Georgia, showed suitcases full of ballots appearing after the supervisor told Republican observers to leave the vote-counting center because of an alleged broken water pipe.

Finally, irrefutable proof of dozens of witnesses’ claims about an extremely irregular event that occurred on election night in Fulton, Georgia, was published, according to The Gateway Pundit.

The Georgia Senate Oversight Committee held a hearing Thursday morning into the massive and systematic election fraud in the state in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

During the hearing, controversial images were released that attest to the repeated statements of dozens of witnesses. 

The Trump campaign posted the video in question on its official Twitter account, along with a message that read:

“The video footage from Georgia shows that poll workers were told to stop counting and leave, while four people stayed to continue counting the ballots in private.

On election night, President Trump was leading over rival Joe Biden by almost 40,000 votes in Georgia. As reported by The Gateway Pundit, mysteriously in Fulton County, authorities announced they were stopping the vote count until the next day due to a broken water pipe at the State Farm Arena.

The alleged burst pipe was announced at about 6 a.m. “Nearly 40,000 absentee ballots will not be counted for the state of Georgia until at least Wednesday after a water pipe rupture,” Fulton County officials said.

In light of the information provided by authorities, Republican observers withdrew from the facility. Despite the information and the fact that no observers were present, the recount began again a few hours later. When they made the next report, the results had mysteriously reversed, with the Democratic candidate votes outnumbering President Trump’s. 

The existence of a broken pipe could never be proven. There was no official order to repair a pipe from the stadium.

This complaint was followed by multiple lawsuits for various irregularities, such as Republican poll watchers not being allowed to see the absentee voting process. There were numerous dual voters, out-of-state voters, cases of intimidation of poll watchers, and vote changes. Then there was the suspicious fact that 100 percent of Fulton’s military early voters voted for Joe Biden.

All of these allegations led him to assert to President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, that the vote count in Georgia is no guarantee of anything at all because most of the votes being counted are not legitimate.

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