Heartbreaking video shows a Spalding County middle schooler recording himself being bullied in the class.

The video shows Nathan Martin sitting there while he is being picked up by several classmates. He captured the incident in a video on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

He sent the video to his mother, May Martin, who shared it on social media afterward saying she felt she had nowhere to turn.

Nathan said the teachers did nothing at Cowan Road Middle School to stop the bullying.

You can see several students picking on Nathan in the video, shoving him and even knocking his computer.

“I got tired of it. I just want to go to school and get my education and (not) worry about (anyone) bullying me,” Nathan said.

Multi-media journalist Alyssa Hyman contacted the Griffin-Spalding County School District about the video. In a statement, the district told Hyman that it takes concerns about harassment very seriously and that the case was thoroughly investigated.

The district also said that according to the student code of conduct appropriate disciplinary action had been taken.

The same day he recorded the video, Nathan told Hyman, some of the boys on the video beat him up in the bathroom. He said the video had been filmed because he had to protect himself.

Nathan was suspended for the incident at the bathroom, but when Hyman asked, the district would not elaborate on why.

The Office of the Sheriff said it is now conducting its own investigation on Thursday night.