During a comedy special, Dave Chappelle—a great story teller, states unequivocally that “gender is a fact,” and supports “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, who has come under fire for defying progressive gender movements.

Dave Chappelle’s mantra throughout this final installment of his Netflix specials is “I’m going all the way.” It’s a kind of boast: rather than being intimidated by past criticism of his “specials,” his show “the Closer” focuses on Chappelle’s connection with women, and transgender … after a palate-cleanser about his brush with coronavirus. Chappelle makes derogatory jokes, but not for “punching down,” according to Chappelle, who perceives all of these groups as more privileged than black people and often bigoted toward them.

Is there any room for light-heartedness in this labyrinth of s***-stirring, allegation, and special pleading? Plenty, if you’re in Chappelle’s Detroit crowd, who not only laugh but shout out loudly at some of his stories.

Chappelle’s reluctance to let things go, is admirable and one can picture the wonderful, tangled show that his truculence would have spawned—facing the blind spots inside and between current gender and racial thinking. “Be careful Dave, they’re after you,” a buddy warns Chappelle about his transphobia. “One they or many theys?”

Dave responds. That’s hilarious enough on its own, and the self-irony with which Chappelle drenches his ostensible status as a “transphobic comic,” is occasionally amusing as well. The Washington Examiner, Tuesday, Oct. 05 reported:

“Gender is a fact,” Chappelle says , according to a Daily Beast report of his sixth special on the streaming platform. “Every human being in this room, every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. That is a fact. Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those … well we will leave the rest of his statement to your imagination.

The comic then addressed the criticism directed at women who do not conform to the Left’s gender ideology, using Rowling as an example.

According to the Examiner, the author declared herself a “TERF,” or “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist,” in 2019. Transgender activists frequently use the phrase to insult women who reject the idea that biological males may be women. According to the Examiner, Chappelle claimed in the program that he’s glad to be “team TERF” after defending Rowling.

“Any of you who have ever watched me know that I have never had a problem with transgender people. If you listen to what I’m saying, clearly, my problem has always been with white people,” Chappelle quipped later in “The Closer.”

On Rotten Tomatoes, the program has only one critic review, which unsurprisingly slams the act for “rampant transphobia.”

“Chappelle’s rampant transphobia doesn’t need to be a problem as long as the jokes land,” Ian Thomas Malone wrote, “his obsession with grievances supersedes any pretense of crafting actual humor.”

“They’ve canceled people more powerful than me,” Dave Chappelle later stated. “They canceled J.K. Rowling. She wrote all the Harry Potter books by herself, she sold so many books the Bible is worried about them. And they canceled her because she said… gender was a fact. And then the Trans community got mad …  They started calling her a TERF. I didn’t even know what that was. But I know that trans people make up words to win arguments.”

“Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. This is a group of women that … look at trans women the way we look at blackface. It offends them.”

“I shouldn’t speak on this because I am not a woman, nor am I a trans. But as we established, I am a feminist. That’s right. I’m team TERF. I agree. Gender is a fact. You have to look at it from a woman’s perspective.”

“Caitlin Jenner was voted Woman Of The Year her first years a woman! Ain’t that something? She’s better than all of you.”

“Gender is a fact. Every human being on earth had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on this earth. That is a fact,” Chappelle said.

Herwhat are some critics had to say:

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