The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation caused outrage by funding an article that praises child labor, to which millions of children around the world are subjected. 

The article is written by Elizabeth Sibale, deputy chief party officer of the global impact company Palladium, in which she narrates the child labor she performed as a child in her home country of Malawi, Africa, and was it published in The Guardian on Nov. 6. 

Some Internet users show their rejection through their messages. 

“Billionaire-funded ‘child labor is good’ takes has to be a new stage of capitalist dystopia,” he writes in a tweet @PaulGottinger, while attaching a photo to the cover of the publication.

Among the answers is that of @ange1914, who suggests that Gates takes from Chinese Communist Party the models of life he intends to promote in the West. 

“Tell that to the young people in China where they want to go to college & instead are forced to work in the family farms. China is where Gates takes his models & standards for our life in the West,” tweeted @ange1914.

About 1.56 million children, many as young as 5, are forced to harvest chocolate in the Ivory Coast and Ghana. These countries supply almost 70 percent of world consumption, Fortune reported in October 2019. 

The Gates Foundation has invested at least $32 million in the chocolate company Mondelez, which has been criticized for its use of child labor, according to The Nation.

The investments are made through the Berkshire Hathaway partnership, in which they have a stake of $11.5 billion.

Additionally, the Gates Foundation donated $32.5 million to the World Cocoa Foundation, an industrial group to which Mondelez belongs, to improve the lives of farmers, without including measures against child labor.

In mining, too, many children are exploited, deprived of their childhood, of parental care, of all protection and of education.

It is estimated that about 1 million children worldwide are forced to work in mining, as recalled in a tweet by the U.S. organization Child Labor Coalition dedicated to combating child labor.

“Great photos from @larrycprice of dangerous child labor in mining. Worldwide, an estimated 1 million children are engaged in this dangerous and life-threatening work,” writes @ChildLaborCLC.

The International Labor Organization states that the work “deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity, and is harmful to physical and mental development.

Bill Gates has been heavily criticized for his interventions in developing countries for vaccine applications that are blamed for many of the harms to the lives of thousands of children. 

Through the White House’s We Are The People platform, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was asked to be investigated by the U.S. Congress for crimes against humanity and medical malpractice.

The petition launched in April reached more than 660,000 signatures from citizens concerned about the role the two billionaires’ foundation has played.

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