Americans’ satisfaction quotient dropped to 11% during the week when Congress accepted the Electoral College results, when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner.

After two months of constant lawsuits by the campaign of President Donald Trump, and subsequent dismissals by the courts culminating on Jan. 6 with the failure of the electoral process investigation, were within the week monitored by Gallup, between Jan. 4 and 15, as reported on Jan. 26. 

Another poll conducted by Rasmussen showed 51% approval for President Trump on Jan. 19, while approval of President Joe Biden, was 48% on Jan. 22.

By comparison, President Trump’s approval was 56 percent when he took office in 2017.

The Gallup poll also presented historical averages for the past four presidential terms, with President Trump’s first term outperforming the previous three.

“The average satisfaction rating during Trump’s term in office—from February 2017 through January of this year—is 30%,” Gallup reported on Jan. 26, also noting that it was higher than Obama’s two terms of 23 percent and 26 percent, respectively, and George W. Bush’s second term at 28 percent.

The electoral results were the ones that polarized the events from Nov. 3 until the change of government, which allows us to interpret that the result had a significant impact on the mood of the citizens.

The low approval rating is consistent with the 66% dissatisfaction presented in the same survey.  

The percentage of satisfaction among Americans reached 45% in February last year, shortly after which the devastating effects of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic began to be felt in all aspects of the life of the country and the world.

The country’s satisfaction with President Biden may fall even more as his first executive orders destroyed around 11,000 jobs by prohibiting the Keystone XL pipeline energy project.

Suppose he continues with this anti-energy development policy. In that case, another million jobs could be lost by preventing development on federal lands, which would ultimately lead to the United States losing the energy independence gained by former President Trump.

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