Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has accused Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of trying to “score political points” at the expense of businesses, saying the House speaker must be responsible for the death of small businesses by delaying the replenishment of the Small Business Administration’s fund.

“It is, in fact, Nancy Pelosi who is directly responsible for the death of businesses,” Gaetz said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday night, April 19. He was referring to those companies that are struggling as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s really rich for her to talk about any delays by the president when her delays in reauthorizing the paycheck protection bill will result in the death of businesses that will never come back. Those families are forever changed because of Nancy Pelosi’s irresponsible conduct,” the lawmaker continued.

According to Fox News, Gaetz was responding to Pelosi after the speaker in a weekend interview with ABC News accused President Donald Trump of putting the United States in “further danger” with his plan to reopen the economy.

The Republican congressman called Pelosi a “hypocrite of the House,” saying that while she was seeking to “score political points” at the expense of U.S. businesses, some other Democrats were actively working with the Trump administration to solve the problems.

“Not all Democrats are behaving this despicably,” Gaetz said.

“They are on the president’s task force with me, they give constructive meaningful comments, the president hears from them directly,” he continued.

Gaetz said that the United States would benefit from more Democrats that are willing to work with President Trump like them, and a lot less that just want to score political points.

President Trump on Friday also accused Pelosi of “not doing her job” and blamed Democrats for a stalemate over a deal to add funds to a small-business lending program to help companies coping with the fallout of the virus outbreak.

“Look, Nancy Pelosi, she’s away on vacation or something and she should come back,” the president said at a White House briefing. “She should come back and get this done. I don’t know why she’s not coming back. The fact is, she’s not doing her job and there’s nothing unusual about that for her.”

Democrats and Republicans have been unable to reach a deal to provide $250 billion in additional funds for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which was set up under a bipartisan coronavirus relief package negotiated in late March, according to The Hill.

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