Nancy Grace suspects the natural environment damaged Gabby Petito’s remains so extensively, authorities are having a hard time determining exactly how she died.

The author and Fox Nation host revealed harsh weather struck the Wyoming camp ground where investigators discovered bones matching Petito’s description on Sept. 19.

However, they have experienced delays in identifying the cause of death, possibly due to deterioration or damage to the body. This could have concealed evidence a coroner would use to identify the cause of death.

Grace recently produced the Fox Nation segment called “A Gabby Petito Investigation.” She confirmed the location in question has a lot of wild animal activity. These creatures might have disturbed the body.

She believes there is a good chance Petito’s body was partially found, if not entirely intact. The FBI previously said the body discovered was “consistent with the description” of the woman.

If police officers were able to quickly identify Petito’s tattoos on her left arm and right forearm, her skin could still be intact. The body could provide a coroner clues as to what killed her according to The Sun.

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