Senior officials reported that President Trump and his team were planning new measures to block the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) advance into the commercial and military worlds. The steps are expected to be implemented in the coming weeks and will be in line with the hard-line policies against the abuses of the CCP globally.

As Axios reported, President Trump will enact a series of hard-line policies over the next 10 weeks to cement his legacy against the abuses of the CCP. 

The Trump administration plans to sanction or restrict trade with more Chinese-based companies, government entities, and officials who are alleged to be complicit in human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong or threaten the U.S.’s national security.

Actions under consideration include protecting U.S. technology from exploitation by the CCP’s military, countering illegal fishing, and further sanctions against CCP officials or institutions that cause abuses in Hong Kong and western Xinjiang, the official said, without providing further details.

The new actions against the CCP came less than a week after the Trump administration, through an executive order, cracked down on U.S. investments in Chinese companies. 

The recent measures intend to prohibit Chinese civilian companies with connections to the CCP military from being listed on the U.S. stock exchange. 

Thus, local investors will not provide funds to these firms through passive institutional investment vehicles and unknowingly collaborate with the development of the CCP’s military and intelligence apparatus.

The aim of this new blow by the Trump administration to the CCP is that the large number of Chinese firms connected to its army and intelligence apparatus will not be financed by private U.S. capital.

This measure affected at least 31 telecommunications companies, among them: Huawei, Chinese Telecommunications, China Mobile, and the surveillance equipment manufacturers Hikvision and Sinochem, considered crucial for the modernization of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA).

Recently, the U.S. government issued new sanctions against four CCP officials deemed responsible for an offensive against pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. The expanded list also includes the city’s executive director, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor. 

These actions by the Trump administration, which affect CCP officials, align with the Trump administration’s absolute rejection of the CCP’s new National Security Law declared in Hong Kong.

According to recent statements by officials of the Trump administration, the measures could be deepened in the coming weeks by adding more CCP officials to the list. The measures would also target illegal fishing by the Chinese Communist Party worldwide.

President Trump recently introduced a new executive order: “the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is increasingly exploiting U.S. capital to obtain resources and to allow the development and modernization of its military, intelligence, and security apparatus. This is causing the People’s Republic of China to directly threaten the homeland of the United States and U.S. forces abroad.”

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