Two workers of the State Farm Arena in Fulton, Georgia, during the 2020 election were both served with affidavits following the investigation into possible ballots manipulation activities this week. They are both required to give videotaped depositions.

Since December last year, Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea Shaye Moss have been suspected of being in cahoots with the Fulton County chief registrar in allegedly switching ballots of Joe Biden and Donald Trump and having altered the genuine election results in the area.

Both the mother and daughter were caught on surveillance tapes conducting irregular activities during the most sensitive stage of ballot handling.

The video reviewed that they took out boxes of ballots from under a table, which seemingly had forged voter choices. According to earlier reports by the Gateway Pundit, their actions occurred after election observers were sent home by ambiguous excuses.

The December report by the outlet talked of Fulton County Registration chief Ralph Jones, who coaxed Republican election observers and journalists out of the polling room by an alarm of non-existed broken water pipe on the night of the election and took the advantage to pull out suitcases of mysterious ballots and have them counted on a tabulator.

His deceitful actions were joined by Freeman and her daughter, also her boss. In addition to taking out prepared ballots and running them through the counting machine multiple times, Moss was also reported to personally order election observers to leave before the end of their shifts.

The investigation team has the videotape of their odd behavior and demands answers from both the mother and her daughter. They were expected to clearly explain their recorded activities in front of court this Thursday, June 10.

According to Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice, officials of the Fulton County Board of Registration & Elections have hired two top criminal defense attorneys to assist them with the process of clarifying what truly happened during the November election.

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