An FDNY paramedic who was missing from his Queens home, New York, was the focus of an increasingly frantic search on Sunday.

FDNY paramedic Jesan-Michael Avile-Hyde, 39, who was missing from his Queens home in New York, was the focus of an increasingly frantic search on Sunday as his wife described his disappearance as out of character for the devoted husband and respected first responder.

Daily News reported that Avile-Hyde, who works out of EMS Station 31 in Brooklyn, walked out of his home on 137th St. in Flushing at 2:30 p.m in his uniform’s blue cargo pants, a grey hoodie and black boots.

On its Twitter, The FDNY posted a missing person report after his wife of 10 years, Gyanu Bomjon, 41, reported that Avile-Hyde left the house to check on his car, and never returned. He didn’t take his cellphone or his work bag. 

Bomjon was so worried and anxious over her husband’s absence. She cried when her family called as she couldn’t control her emotion.

“I can’t sleep,” she said. “I’m thinking and thinking, where is he? He never does this. This is so strange, without any communication.”

Bomjon added since they’ve been married, her husband always tells her where he is and when he’ll return, even during times of their arguments.

“He will say, ‘OK, you need time. If I need time, I go jogging to clear my mind,’” she recounted.

Even then, she would get a call that would assure her, “I’m okay and everything is fine, Or I’m going to the park – I’m going to come back.”

Former work partner of Avila-Hyde’s, Andrew Poliakoff, posted Sunday on Facebook he and others searched overnight, without luck, for the paramedic. “If you have any intel, or hear/see anything, please call and say something,” Poliakoff urged.