In recent days, thousands of conservative viewers have strongly criticized Fox News for its remarkable editorial change.

This trend could deepen after the network owner’s wife openly published her support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

A good part of the audience was dismayed by Fox News’ partial coverage in favor of Biden, perhaps the most “conservative” of the large American television networks.

On election night, Fox News awarded the state of Arizona to Biden even though there were still votes to be counted and, in fact, during the last count, Trump was less than 17,000 votes away from Biden, and there are still some 70,000 votes to be counted; in other words, Trump could still be the winner of the state.

But the media’s bias towards the Democratic candidate was not only observed during the night of Nov. 3 but also in the days that followed, joining the rest of the media in hastily recognizing Biden as the winner.

However, at least half a dozen states have not yet produced definitive results. There is an enormous range of allegations of fraud and irregularities.

In that context, Kathryn Murdoch, the wife of Fox News owner James Murdoch, “whitewashed” her political leanings by openly declaring “we did it” after much of the media declared Biden the winner of the election race.

In that context, Kathryn Murdoch, the wife of Fox News owner James Murdoch, “whitewashed” her political leanings by openly declaring “we did it” after much of the media declared Biden the winner of the election race.

Later, Ms. Murdoch went one step further with a series of tweets in favor of Democratic vice president Kamala Harris and strongly criticizing President Trump.

The radical change in Fox News’ editorial line was reflected in its rating, which went from 14.1 million viewers on Nov. 3—surpassing CNN and MSNBC—to only 1.7 million viewers four days later—lagging far behind the two channels mentioned above.

Fox News is considered the channel of the conservatives or the right. Its base grew exponentially with Trump’s election as president, mainly due to the president’s constant struggle against the “fake news” of CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

During these four years, more than 90 percent of these media coverage was hostile towards the president.

In 2016 Roger Ailes resigned as CEO of Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch assumed his role. According to President Trump, this was the change that made the TV network change its approach to reporting. “I’m not happy with Fox at all. … My base hates what Fox News is doing. … Fox News wants to be politically correct all of a sudden. … Roger Ailes would never have let this happen,” Trump said in an interview with CBN in June of this year.

Trump’s warning now seems to have become a reality, and Fox News may have already lost its core audience forever because of its irresponsible coverage of the election.

“What should worry Fox above all is that they appear to have forever lost their core viewers, the people who were once the most loyal,” wrote journalist John Nolte of Breitbart. “You never want to lose your base. Once you lose your base, you’re in serious trouble,” Nolte warned.

According to his analysis, the network had already been developing its “anti-Trump” stance for some time. Still, it became apparent during Chris Wallace’s “dreadful and dreadfully biased and dishonest” role as moderator in the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

President Trump has recently criticized Fox News for broadcasting polls so far removed from reality—like other media—to “manipulate” the election. “@FoxNews, @QuinnipiacPoll, ABC/WaPo, NBC/WSJ were so inaccurate with their polls on me, that it really is tampering with an Election,” Trump said on Twitter.

“They were so far off in their polling, and in their attempt to suppress—that they should be called out for Election Interference…,” he said.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign legal team has already filed dozens of lawsuits for fraud and irregularities that they say could lead to the president’s re-election.

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