A former attorney for the previous president accused a multinational media company of banning him on Sept. 24.

Rudy Giuliani claims Fox News blocked him from appearing on the network for no reason.

“They just said I am banned,” he said according to Newsmax.

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer suspects he was barred after the broadcaster extensively reported on his money laundering allegations about the president’s son–Hunter Biden.

“[In] the last two weeks, they basically every night have had a report corroborating what I gave to the New York Post,” Giuliani said according to the publication. “Every time they tell you the New York Post was accurate, I was accurate because I gave the New York Post all [of] their information.”

After spending months denying Giuliani’s allegations about incriminating evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop, mainstream media finally began to acknowledge the claims’s merits.

The Politico Playbook confirmed Ben Schreckinger’s new book “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” proves some media coverage about Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption is credible.

“I was accused by Biden during his first debate with President Trump of being a Russian agent with regard to that hard drive–there is nothing Russian about it, it comes from Delaware, [and] it is his hard drive,” Giuliani said. “The FBI actually confirmed that four months ago.”

He believes the playbook’s contents provides conclusive evidence that should convince skeptics.

“They never denied it [was] his computer ever,” he said. “All you have to do is take a look at the pictures and you can tell it is his computer.”

Giuliani believes some text messages and emails about financial transactions could easily land Biden behind bars.

“The FBI never went for them but there’s actually so many other instances like this,” he said. “There were about eight incidents like this. There is enough evidence to prosecute even without the records.”

BL understands Fox News began distancing itself from Giuliani after Trump left the White House, and Dominion Voting Systems sued the network for airing the attorney’s statements.

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