Four people were found dead Monday, Aug. 5, after emergency personnel responding to a San Antonio house fire, in what officials are describing as a triple murder-suicide.

The sister of a man believed to have killed three of his family members called police Monday evening saying her brother was throwing and breaking items in the home, Police Chief William McManus said.

“When we got there, there were two bodies laying in the front. They were in the house when the fire started,” McManus said. “They had been shot by the suspect. There were two other people in the house.”

Police and firefighters arrived to find the house on fire but were unable to immediately extinguish the flames because the suspect was still considered a threat. They later discovered the bodies of the suspect and his grandmother inside the house.

The bodies of a man and a woman in their 60s, both with gunshot wounds, were found in the front yard after being pulled from the house by neighbors, officials said.

The three people who were killed lived together in the home, McManus said Monday. The victims’ names and those of the suspect have not yet been released because of the ongoing investigation.

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