One of the Democratic Party’s lead contenders for president was accused of unlawfully profiteering from his service to the country on Jan. 28.

Sen. Rand Paul has (R-Ky.) accused Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter of illegally making a profit from public service after hearing Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) claim the Trump family was unlawfully making money off of politics.

“I am offended and shocked that Schumer would be so scurrilous as to accuse the president and his children of making money illegally off of politics when the only people we know who have actually made money off this have been Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Paul told Fox News’s “America Newsroom” television program. “Hunter Biden makes $1 million a year—that is documented—but Schumer simply creates and makes up and says, ‘Oh, maybe the president’s kids are making money.’”

The senator suggested Schumer should pay more attention to the “million-dollar checks” former National Security Adviser John Bolton has allegedly cashed in.

“John Bolton is making money as we speak,” he said. “He has probably already gotten a several million-dollar advance for this [leaked] book; he is making money by testifying against the president.”

Paul described the Bidens and Bolton as “not objective” persons of interest whose actions should be investigated.

“The only people we know that have actually made money: Hunter Biden and now John Bolton,” he said. “John Bolton’s not objective in any way now that he has been cashing million-dollar checks.”

The senator advised the Trump family to seriously consider taking legal action against Schumer for libel.

“To have Schumer come up and say out of the blue, ‘Maybe the president’s kids are making money,’ with no evidence at all, that is defamation and they ought to sue him,” Paul said. “There is nothing in the record about the president’s kids, so Schumer just has created this whole thing out of whole cloth and said, ‘Oh, well why don’t we go after the president’s kids? We don’t know yet whether or not the president’s dealings with the Chinese president have something to do with the Trumps making money.’”

Since Schumer’s argument that the Trump family made a profit cannot be substantiated, suing him could be a practical way to bring one Democrat to justice.

“He just made it up, completely made it up,” Paul said. “That is defamation of character, and he ought to go to court and be sued for it.”

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