A former U.S. sergeant who is a native of Afghanistan said that about a month ago he entered the country controlled by Taliban terrorists to search for his family, and rescued more than 30 people, including several Catholics.

The former soldier’s family had gone into hiding in Kabul after the Taliban took control in August for fear they would be killed because they were relatives of a member of the military who fought against them and also because they had been outspoken critics of the terrorist group.

Fox News interviewed the war veteran, who to protect his physical integrity kept his identity anonymous. 

The former sergeant told the news outlet that since returning to Afghanistan, he has rescued Christians and some people from the Muslim Hazara minority who are targets of the Taliban.

“They say on the news there is no U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. But I’m here, and I’ll help as long as it takes,” he told Fox News.

“I’m a proud American soldier,” he said, adding, “I’ve taken an oath, and I’ll never forget that oath.” 

The veteran had come to the United States as a refugee from Afghanistan shortly before the 9/11 attack. He later enlisted in the Army and was sent to the war against Afghanistan, the country where he was born.

 This enlistment in the U.S. Army brought danger to his family, who have since been severely persecuted by the Taliban, and half of their home destroyed by bombings. 

As he told the media, among all the people he helped when he entered Afghanistan was a couple who had recently converted to Catholicism and were being snitched on by their neighborhood, making their situation extremely dangerous. 

He explained that he and a few other Afghans helped the couple escape across the border into Pakistan, after which when he resumed his return from this area, the Taliban caught him and whipped his back. 

“I think it was only seven times, but had they known that I had actually just helped a Catholic family get out, it would have been worse. Far worse,” the former sergeant said. 

As he told Fox News, he decided to travel to Afghanistan when he learned that the Taliban had ambushed his family inside the house where they lived, and that in trying to flee his niece, who was a journalist, was wounded.

“My niece is extremely sick,” the veteran said at the time of the interview. “We have brought five different doctors to see her. She’s being given various types of injections and medication, but she’s not getting better.”

After fleeing the ambush, for a month the family stayed in a house in hiding. His niece, who was targeted by the Taliban for openly criticizing them in the past, had to change location every night after the terrorists seized Kabul and pulled her out of her newsroom at gunpoint. 

“If they find me, they will kill me,” the journalist had previously assured Fox. 

Once in Kabul, the veteran helped his family flee, but not through Pakistan, as he believed it was impossible for the six family members to get past some 30 Taliban checkpoints.

After his interview with Fox News, the media outlet reported, the former sergeant said he had to get a ticket within 28 days to leave the country where they are or they would be deported back to Afghanistan.

The media outlet said it would not reveal the family’s method of escape or where they are living now to protect them.

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