The former U.S. DoD analyst Dan Garrett wrote in an email to Voice of America, “It is worth noting that the requirements of activists and the media to dissolve the “China Initiative” reflect not only the CCP’s various external influence and propaganda activities aimed at the American public but also its effort to completely disarm the U.S. from its main foreign intelligence threats and reduce its ability to resist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military aggression.” 

In particular, he pointed out that the Biden administration needed to actively refute the CCP and the Kremlin’s conspiracy theory that the “China Initiative” was the return of McCarthyism and clarified that it was indeed a well-documented strategy to fight against and defeat malicious activities of the CCP.

He also said that the Biden administration should be wary of the CCP’s use of improper handling of individual cases in the “China Initiative” to discredit the entire plan, aboluowang reported.

He believed that the “China Initiative” was still crucial and incumbent, considering the CCP’s comprehensive espionage and commercial theft activities against the U.S. However, the federal government needs better communication with the public about the initiative.

From Garrett’s email: “The “China Initiative” is an important project for the government to use law enforcement and judicial procedures to deal with national threats, especially with the full range of espionage, vicious influence, and intelligence activities of the People’s Republic of China against the U.S. Given that the Chinese Communist Party takes the U.S. as its main adversary, the “China Initiative” should receive better resources, personnel, and adjustments to cope with this threat.” 

According to the “China Initiative’s” latest update on Nov. 19, “About 80% of all economic espionage prosecutions brought by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) allege conduct that would benefit the Chinese state, and there is at least some nexus to China in around 60% of all trade secret theft cases.”

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